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When Mr. Ruggedd Mann speaks, people everywhere listen -HARD!

As a man who “Walks his Talk”, Mr. Ruggedd Mann is the perfect speaker for your next group gathering.

He’s a “down to earth”, tell it like it is” individual who’s no nonsense approach to getting in shape works wonders for both adults and children.

As a spokesperson for L.A. Gear, he’s had the opportunity to positively change the lives of countless numbers of people even when they didn’t believe it could happen.

Mr. Ruggedd Mann is a welcome presence to “pump up” your group or organization without “preaching from the platform.”

His self-styled examples of how to get in shape and stay that way guarantee that each individual in your audience will learn how to:

  • Make a commitment to being the best they can be
  • Self-motivate to create a new, “fit” Image
  • Peel away the past to make room for the fit, new life within
  • Strip away layers of past experience and past lives
  • Find out who they are and what they have to offer

For those who’re tried countless times to get on the fast track to fitness, Mr. Ruggedd Mann’s talks give new hope and the keys to success. The author of The Lord Of Discipline/Five steps to Fitness Success”. This book should be mandatory reading for children as well as adults”.said Skechers’ USA CEO Robert Greenberg.

His living health plan will reveal the secrets  needed to tap your own deep resources of discipline and love and bring the perfect body into being.

After hearing him speak, you’ll know how to take the first steps toward creating the ultimate mind-body experience -that magical state you thought you’d achieve “someday.”

Let Mr. Ruggedd Mann show you that “someday” is now – and you can do it!

push yourself
because no one
else is going
to do it for you

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